Personalised 'Kreations'

I love making personalised 'Kreations'!  

Right from the start I involve you in every step of the design process. You can even choose all the fabrics if you want to, that way we can make your perfect picture together.  

It's your choice whether you have a name on its own, or a name plus one of my designs.  Available in sizes 30cm x 30cm, 24cm x 36cm and 40cm x 40cm (depending on name length and design).  Prices start at just £45.00.

Here are some examples of my recent personalised 'Kreations'. To get started on yours, just send me a message through my Contact page or drop me an email.  

The personalised 'Kreations' pictured here are all cut from thick mount card with a bevelled edge. They are part of my Kimeleon Collection of pictures.  

I also have some personalised designs available in my Cotswold Collection, you can find them in my shop x